TaxWise Online training site

The TaxWise Online Training Site allows you to prepare practice returns and simulate transmitting returns and receiving acks through our Training EFC. In order to practice tax preparation under the Training EFC, you must log in to the TaxWise Online training website:

The training site shares the same log in information as the production site. It has a green background, so it can easily be distinguished from the production site which has a blue background, Returns created in the training site will not show up in the production site.

Create training returns

To create training returns, the primary SSN entered must end with the last four digits of the EFIN used for that office or user. For exampe, for EFIN 123456, an acceptable primary SSN could be 111-11-3456.

If there are several preparers using the same EFIN to transmit, assigning a unique range of numbers for each user for the first 5 digits of the primary SSN will provide a way to track each users' progress and avoid duplicate return messages.

Simulated ackowledgments

Practice e-files, once created, can be sent to our Training Electronic Filing Center and processed. Users then receive either acknowledgments showing their returns as Accepted or Rejected.

Users have the ability to control whether the acknowledgment is 'IRS Accepted' or 'IRS Rejected'. If the primary SSN for the return begins with an even number (0, 2, 4, 6, or 8), the return will be 'IRS Accepted'. If the primary SSN for the return begins with an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7, or 9), the return will be 'IRS Rejected'.

This allows users to view and print acknowledgments for both accepted and rejected returns.

The simulated IRS acknowledgment for each rejected return will provide an IRS reject code that gives the reason for the rejection. For training returns, reject codes are assigned based on the first digit of the primary SSN rather than any actual information within the return.

You cannot correct a rejected training return. Even if errors are found and corrected and the return is resubmitted, it will be rejected again because the primary SSN begins with an odd number.